Fast framing movies of TFTR plasma events

A fast framing camera (Kodak EM1012) running at up to 2000 frames per second is being used at TFTR to observe fast edge phenomena and disruptions. In these short clips, digital sequences have been turned into MPEG movies. For improved clarity, white/black has been inverted...... so darkness is represented by white. Sometimes you can see a camera gating artifact in the first digitizer strip across the top left corner of the image. The horizontal (vertical) resolution is 239 pixels, while the vertical (horizontal) resolution is either 192 pixels ("square" frame) or 96 pixels ("rectangular" frame).

You may want to consult the Plasma/Fusion glossary developed by Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.
If you need a viewer for the MPEG clips follow this link.

1997 Campaign

For clips obtained during the 1996 campaign click here.

Camera on periscope located on Bay P

Shot 103381:

Shot 103513:

Shot 103560:

Shot 103611:

Shot 103618:

Shot 103626:

Shot 103649:

Shot 103681:

Shot 103687:

Shot 103712:

Shot 103714:

Shot 103729:

Shot 103756:

Shot 103776:

Shot 103782:

Shot 103800:

Camera moved to periscope located on Bay H

Shot 103993:

Shot 103996:

Shot 103997:

Shot 104023:

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