> Nano Gadget 20005: Fabrication and Applications
An introduction to the LANL Astrophysics Workshop
Preliminary list of speakers
First announcement of the Astrophysics Workshop

As part of an LDRD supported program development initiative, we are holding a small workshop, mostly with LANL and Sandia participants, to consider applications and fabrication of nano and micro devices. We hope to encourage further Sandia-LANL collaborations, proposals to funding agencies, and cross fertilize applications and fabrication ideas.

From Fab to Lab one day meeting

Convenor: T. Intrator - P-24 Plasma Physics LANL

Santa Fe, Thursday, 8 Sept. 2005
La Fonda Hotel,  in the Santa Fe Room
No registration fee
Aegis of the CINT engineering council
Free refreshment breaks and lunch
Wireless connectivity to web available

Breakfast: 7:30AM
Talks start at 8:30AM

Coordinators are:

  • John George (LANL) - biomedical applications
  • Malcolm Boshier and Dana Berkeland (LANL) - quantum mystery applications
  • Tom Intrator et al (LANL) - plasma applications (electric and magnetic field detectors), including ion traps
  • Matthew Blain (Sandia) - fabrication issues
  • Toni Taylor (LANL) - liaison with CINT

Useful links

Some research highlights and our home page

La Fonda Hotel

The Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT)

P-24 Plasma Physics LANL

Quantum Institute LANL

  • Presentation format: 20 minute talks, bring handouts for discussions
  • Schedule: 8:30AM Thursday 8 Sep 2005. Refreshment breaks and lunch provided

Nano & Micro Gadgets 2005:

Applications, Fabrication

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