Titles and abstracts: Nano-micro 2005
update 2005sept02 (Intrator)
abstract speaker institution

Keynote talk:

CINT: scientific discovery, integration of nanostructures, micro and macro worlds

Toni Taylor
CINT Associate Director

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Microfabrication for Quantum Physics, Plasma Physics, and Biophysics Applications
Tom Intrator
LANL P-24 Plasma Physics
Microfabrication of Ion Traps for Experiments in Quantum Simulation
Matthew Blain
Sandia National Laboratory

Ablation of micro- and nano-particles in plasmas: different regimes and methods of solutions for different particle sizes

Leonid Dorf LANL P-24 Plasma Physics
Bioassay with magnetic microSpheres in flow: a method for highly parallel molecular separations of complex biological systems.
Michelle Espy
Biological & Quantum Physics
A silicon compatible, oxide molded tungsten micromachining process
James Fleming
Sandia National Laboratory
Microprobe Development at the UCLA Basic Plasma Science Facility
Walter Gekelman
University of California -
Los Angeles
Nano and micro gizmos for plasma physics
Tom Intrator
LANL P-24 Plasma Physics
Bohm-Aharonov holography
Damian Swift
LANL P-24 Plasma Physics
Microfabricated Ion Energy Analyzer
J.E. Stevens
Sandia National Laboratory - Microelectronics Development Laboratory

Novel Computational Architectures for Nano-scale Devices

Christof Teuscher

LANL, CCS-1   Advanced Computing Laboratory

Dynamics of charged dust grains in RF plasma sheaths
Catalin Ticos
LANL P-24 Plasma Physics
Microparticle probes for laboratory plasmas
Zhehui Wang
LANL P-24 Plasma Physics

A brief description of microsystems fabrication capabilities 

Murat Okandan

Sandia National Laboratory