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An introduction to the LANL Astrophysics Workshop
Preliminary list of speakers
First announcement of the Astrophysics Workshop

Plasma Astrophysics Workshop

At LANL, there is a diversity of ongoing plasma astrophysics related research activities.  P-24 is organizing a one day workshop with the loose topic Plasma Astrophysics.  We include nascent laboratory experiments, theory, computation, space satellite observation, and more.

Strategic objectives

  • Educate ourselves on the diversity of plasma astrophysics related research at LANL.
  • Identify timely topics in plasma astrophysics which can benefit from LANL experimental/theoretical collaboration, leading ultimately to high quality research proposals for submission to LDRD and external funding agencies (e.g., DOE-OFES, NASA, etc.).
  • Identify plasma astrophysics research areas that are tied to the stewardship mission (e.g., ASCI code validation).
  • Nurture and create new collaborative research with New Mexico and UCRD universities.

Schedule & Location

Friday, July 11, 8:00AM to 5PM, Motorola Building, AMTL Conference Room


T. Intrator 5 2927 intrator@lanl.gov, S.Hsu 7 3386 scotthsu@lanl.gov, I. Furno 5 2703 furno@lanl.gov


Sterling Colgate ponders the magnetized universe


Some research highlights and our home page

P-24 Plasma Physics LANL


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