Magnetic Fusion Experiments at LANL

P-24 Plasma Physics

 MS-E526, Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545 USA

G. A. Wurden, Scott Hsu,  Tom Weber,  J. Dunn

*Previous Team members:  Auna Moser, Tom Intrator, Yang Feng, Tom Awe, Colin Adams, Ricky Maqueda, Martin Tacetti, Jeff Wang, Lenny Dorf, Ivo Furno, Jaeyoung Park, Jason Sears, Paul Sieck, Catalin Ticos, Richard Renneke, Xuan Sun, W. Waganaar, Shouyin Zhang

former Magnetized Target Fusion

(FRCHX, FRX-L, Pulsed Fusion Power)

former C-Mod Tokamak Collaboration

MIT (Tokamak Diagnostics)

former NSTX Collaboration

Princeton U (Spherical Tokamak)

former TCS FRC Collaboration

U Washington (Rotating Magnetic Fields)

former RSX

(Reconnection Scaling Experiment)

W7-X Stellarator Collaboration


2012 Plasma Physics Summer School


(Plasma Liner Experiment)

former TFTR Collaboration gone, but not forgotten!

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