We are restarting the P24 Plasma Physics Summer School 2012 , a series of talks designed to introduce students to the broad field of plasma physics, important examples in nature and the laboratory, and the many applications ranging from astrophysics to Z pinches. The intended audience is mostly undergraduates, but all including students and post docs are welcome. Weekly talks are Wednesdays, 1PM-2PM at the Center for NonLinear Studies (CNLS) conference room. CNLS Phone: 505-667-1444, E-mail: office@cnls.lanl.gov, TA-3, Bldg. 1690, Rm. 101. No signup necessary.



2012 Wed jun 13, through July and August: 15 talks,  once per week, wed 1pm at CNLS


1.      2012jun13: kick off, intro: Tom Intrator

a.        What is a plasma, regimes, methods of doing plasma physics

b.       Hands on plasma globes

2.        2012jun21: intro, Prof . Bruno Bauer, Univ. Nevada - Reno

a.        Single particle motion, particle drifts

b.       kinetic theory, collisions

c.        kinetic to fluid description, MHD

3.        2012 jun28: Overview of research being done in p-24 Juan Fernandez, P24 Group Leader

4.        2012 jul03: intro to MHD: intrator - NOTE: TUESDAY NOT WEDNESDAY

a.        fluid description, MHD

b.       non ideal

                                                               i.      reconnection

                                                              ii.      dynamo

                                                            iii.      shear flow

                                                            iv.      shocks

                                                             v.      relevance to astrophysics and space physics

2012jul04: Independence day (this Wednesday is a holiday)

5.      2012jul11: intro to particle in cell methods - computational plasma physics: Bill Daughton X-PC6

6.        2012jul18: energy crisis, fission, fusion, non carbon fuel cycles Thom Weber

a.        lawson criteria

b.       history of fusion ideas and projects:

c.        Tritium breeding, power balance,.

7.        2012jul25: High energy density plasmas: Kirk Flippo

a.        ICF: Methods of drive, laser plasma interactions, instabilities, arial density, gain, rad-hydro. - ???

b.       warm dense matter, fast ignition, relativistic plasmas, etc.

8.        2012aug01: non fusion Applications

a.        Spacecraft thrusters: weber

                                                               i.      Rocket equation, thrust vs. power, Electrothermal, electrostatic, electromagnetic thrusters. Arcjet, MPD, Ion thruster, Hall thruster, VASIMIR, FRC thrusters (ELF).

9.        2012aug08: MIF: Tom Awe (Sandia)

a.        Lindemuth and siemon arguments, liner fusion (maglif, mtf, plx, general fusion, mago, linus).

10.     2012aug15:  Yongho Kim

a.        Industrial technologies

                                                               i.      Neutrons

                                                              ii.      Lighting

                                                            iii.      Coatings, ion implantation, polymer crosslink

                                                            iv.      Semiconductor processing




2012aug??: space & astro plasma physics: Borovsky, Geoff Reeves, intrator

Astrophysical, space, plasmas:

Large scale structures (galaxy, universe), accretion disks, star formation, magnetosphere, cosmic rays, dynamo, stellar collapse, reconnection.

reconnection and turbulence, micro vs macroscale

self organization, relaxation, momentum transport