LANL Plasma Jet Workshop Presentations, Jan. 24-25, 2008


Session 1: MIF/HED and Plasma Jets
  1. "PJMIF Concept: compression, confinement, ignition, and burn considerations" by Francis Thio, DOE-OFES (pdf)

  2. "PJMIF: ignition considerations" by Paul Parks, General Atomics (pdf)

  3. "PJMIF 1D burn dynamics" by John Santarius, University of Wisconsin-Madison (pdf)

  4. "Using plasma jets to solve a stand-off problem for MIF" by Dmitri Ryutov, LLNL (pdf)

  5. "Accessing the HED regime using plasma jets" by Jason Cassibry, University of Alabama-Huntsville (pdf)

  6. "The parameters space for MIF" by Ron Kirkpatrick, LANL (pdf)

  7. "What is needed from a compression scheme?" by Tom Intrator, LANL (pdf)

Session 2: Plasma Jet and Related Experimental Programs
  1. "Plasma jet research at HyperV" by Doug Witherspoon, HyperV (pdf)

  2. "Dense jets for HED fusion" by Peter Turchi, LANL (pdf)

  3. "Lab experiments on magnetically driven jets" by Paul Bellan, Caltech (pdf)

  4. "Wire array jets" by Simon Bott, UCSD (pdf)

  5. "Adiabatic compression of compact tori" by Simon Woodruff, Woodruff Scientific (pdf)

  6. "Ultrahigh speed flow from a plasma flow switch" by Peter Turchi, LANL (pdf)

Session 3: Applications of plasma jets
  1. "Using plasma jets to simulate galactic outflows" by Dmitri Ryutov, LLNL (pdf)

  2. "Hypervelocity plasma jets for HEDLP, MIF, and disruption mitigation" by I. Nick Bogatu, Far-Tech (pdf)

Session 4: Theory/simulation of plasma jets, jet merging, and plasma compression
  1. "Far-Tech's numerical simulation efforts for plasma jet merging" by Jin-Soo Kim, Far-Tech (pdf)

  2. "EMHD/kinetic simulations of particle dynamics in coaxial plasma jet accelerators" by Carsten Thoma, Voss Scientific (pdf)

  3. "Simulated spectral and imaging diagnostics for jets" by Joe MacFarlane, Prism (pdf)

  4. "ePLAS application to jet modeling" by Rod Mason, Research Applications (pdf)

  5. "Extended MHD simulations of compact tori compression using NIMROD" by Angus Macnab, Woodruff Scientific (pdf)
Session 5: Diagnostic considerations
  1. "Innovative diagnostics for MIF" by David Hwang, UC Davis (pdf)

  2. "HyperV optical diagnostics: status/plans" by Andrew Case, HyperV (pdf)

  3. "Magnetic & pressure measurements on the HyperV plasma gun" by Sarah Messer, HyperV (pdf)

  4. "Internal magnetic field measurements in dense transient plasmas using pulsed polarimetry" by Roger Smith, University of Washington (pdf)

Workshop sponsored by U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Fusion Energy Sciences

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