US-Japan Compact Toroid Workshop 2004: presentations

Presenter Talk (pdf version) Institution
Bellan, P. MHD-pumped, high-speed speed ingestion of plasma from wall gas source into spheromak interior (pdf) Caltech
Fujino, T. Control of translating velocity on a field reversed configuration plasma Nihon Univ., Japan
Furno, I. Relaxation of flux ropes and magnetic reconnection in RSX at LANL (pdf) Los Alamos National Laboratory, P-24
Geren, P. and Steinhauer, L. Nonlinear dynamic modeling of compact toroids using the Fourier-Beltrami expansion Univ Washington
Gerhardt, S. Progress and plans for FRC experiments in MRX-FRC Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Gota, H. Asymmetrical structure inside the separatrix on FRC plasmas Nihon Univ., Japan
Guo, H.Y. Stabilization of interchange mode by rotating magnetic fields (RMF) Univ. Wash., RPPL
Hoffman, A. Modifications and future plans for the TCS RMF facility Univ Wash., RPPL
Intrator, T. Magnetized target fusion collaboration 2004: recent progress  (pdf) Los Alamos National Laboratory, P-24
Ji, H. Sustainment of stable FRC by neutral beam injection and current transformer Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Kanki, T. Equilibrium of helicity driven spherical torus based on two fluid model with flow Japan Coast Guard Academy
Kawamori, E. Measurement of global instability of compact torus by use of 3-D tomography Univ Tokyo, Japan
Milroy, R. Rotating magnetic quadrupole RMF current drive for FRC's Univ Wash., RPPL
Nagata, M. Kink behavior of central open flux responsible for helicity injection current drive of the HIST spheromak and ST plasmas Univ Hyogo, Japan
Okada, S. FRC experiments on FIX apparatus Osaka Univ., Japan
Ruden, E. The FRC's n=2 rotational instability interpreted as the dominant Rayleigh-Taylor mode of a gyroviscous plasma with sheared toroidal flow Air Force Research Laboratory, Kirtland AFB
Ryutov, D.D. Enhanced transport caused by magnetic field perturbations in FRC's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Ryutov, D.D. Preliminary analysis of a slow plasma liner Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Sieck, P.E. Status and recent upgrades on the HIT-SI spheromak Univ. Washington
Slough, J. Design and construction of the Pulsed High Density (PHD) FRC experiment Univ. Washington
Takahashi, Toshiki Computational study on neutral beam injection into a FRC Gunma Univ., Japan
Takahashi, Tsutomu n=1 mode motion on FRC plasmas Nihon Univ., Japan
Tang, X. Force free magnetic relaxation in a driven compact toroid Los Alamos National Laboratory, T-15
Zhang, S.Y. Formation of a target FRC plasma for Magnetized Target Fusion in FRX-L Los Alamos National Laboratory, P-24

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