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Several new directions in compact toroid (CT) research have recently emerged, including neutral-beam injection, rotating magnetic fields, energetic beam injection, helicity injection from external electrodes, and high density configurations for applications to magnetized target fusion. CT experimental programs in both the US and Japan have also showed substantial progress in the control and sustainment of CTís. The proposed exchange is a workshop to bring together scientists from institutions in the US and Japan who are researching the various and possibly complementary types of CTs. The participants represent facilities on which significant experiments are now underway: FIX, TS, TCS, SSPX, HIT, FRX-L, and HIST. Both FRC, spheromak, spherical tokamaks, and other experiments are represented.



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Wheeler peak in New Mexico, 13161 feet elevation

US-Japan exchange 2004. New directions and physics for compact toroids

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