Glen A. Wurden (LANL) and  Jim Terry (MIT)  

 MS-E526, Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545 USA


Los Alamos has an experimental collaboration with the Alcator C-Mod tokamak at MIT. We have provided a variety of diagnostics, including two fast camera systems, a neutral particle Time of Flight analyzer, and have installed a custom infrared  periscope to view the inner armor wall and lower divertor using a digital infrared video camera. In 2004 we are prepared an infrared spectroscopy system, using a 256 element IR detector array and a 0.3 m McPherson 218 spectrometer, to view into the tokamak divertor region, using the existing IR periscope. We tried to observe molecular features in the 0.8-2.5 micron spectral band, but did not have enough throughput with the multi-element periscope (mostly coated for 3-5 micron wavelength). A new 1344x784 FLIR SC8303 IR camera will be installed at Alcator C-Mod, to more than quadruple the spatial resolution of the existing Titanium 550M camera (summer 2012).

R. J. Maqueda, G. A. Wurden, J. L. Terry, J. Gaffke,  "Digital-image capture system for the IR camera used in Alcator C-Mod"". Rev. Sci. Instr., (72)1, pg 927, (2001). Proceeedings of the 13th High Temperature Plasma Diagnostics Conference, Tucson, AZ, June 19, 2000. Keywords: Infrared imaging, 12-bit digital, Amber Radiance 1 camera, IR periscope, plasma diagnostics.
        A. J. Allen, J. L. Terry, D. Garnier, J. A. Stillerman, and G. A. Wurden. The high resolution video capture system on the alcator C-Mod tokamk.
        Review of Scientific Instruments, 68, No. 1, pg. 947-950 (1997).
        Keywords: tokamak, Alcator C-Mod, video capture, frame grabber, fast fluctuations, plasma radiation.

A collection of images of the infrared hardware layout, mounted on the top of the Alcator C-Mod concrete igloo, is available as the IR Installation at Alcator C-Mod.

2011:  Trip Report. Photos of the camera/periscope layout on the top of Alcator C-Mod. An example IR image of the specially tilted tile in Alcator.

2012: A new higher resolution FLIR systems SC8303 camera will be installed at C-Mod during the summer of 2012

Updated by Glen Wurden, on March 26, 2004.
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